Thai Yoga Massage Spring OFFER
Valia Vlatsiou

A series of four Thai Yoga massage sessions that gives the recipient the opportunity to benefit from a series of sessions and effectively treat any musculoskeletal therapeutic need (waist, shoulder, neck, etc.). We will work through a process of deep relaxation, which balances our nervous system and activates the body’s self-healing process.
At the beginning of the session and just before the massage begins, lying with comfortable clothes on a special mattress on the floor, we will take some time using breathing and relaxation techniques from Yoga Nidra.
By releasing muscle and nervous tensions, reducing stress, detoxifying soft tissues, balancing the flow of our internal energy, the session is a passive yoga practice with intent, breathing and full awareness. A state of connection with the inner healer.
The sessions are conducted at the Anahata Yoga Studio upon previous contact with the reception.

Valia Vlatsiou:
Her relationship with exercise and the body starts from an early age through the technique and art of classical, modern and other styles of dance. In 2011 she meets, gets fascinated and quickly deepens her practice of Hatha Yoga, next to her teacher Elena Mouratidou. She is trained as a Yoga Instructor (Anahata Yoga 200h TTC), attending a number of yoga and bodywork seminars up to the present time. Her meeting with Thai Massage and the therapeutic touch comes in 2014, to complete in a unique way her teaching of therapeutic yoga and the restoration of the practitioner on a physical and energy level. These last years, she has been trained in Greece and Thailand by Lydia Konsta (ITM school of Chiang Mai), Andrea Baglioni (Sunshine Network, Lahu Village), Pichest Boonthumme (Chiang Mai), Krishnataki & David Lutt (Sunshine House). She is interested in mindfulness meditation (vipassana) and experiential psychotherapy seminars, trained in rebirthing / breathwork and deepens in her beloved yin yoga, exploring practices and any kind of inner work that reminds of meditation. With the intention to continue learning and sharing the beautiful traditions that bring us closer to one another, ourselves and the presence of the Inner Healer.



Session investment:
90’- 50 euros
OFFER package investment:
100 euros / 4 sessions 60΄
*VAT is Not included
**The offer is valid from 1-14 April

cancellation policy

1. Payments in advance are not refundable.
2. In case of cancellation up to one month prior to the beginning of the training, the entire amount of money is refunded, except for the deposit.
3. In case of cancellation less than a month before the training, the amount of money is non-refundable.