Thai Yoga Massage Sessions

Traditional Thai Massage (or Nuad Thai in Thai language) is an ancient healing method older than 2,500 years. It draws its origin from India in order to arrive in Thailand along with Buddhism. It is maintained there and grows until today, integrating more and more western science and knowledge.
Technique & Benefits
This practice takes place in a special mattress on the floor, with light clothing. The giver, is working through the center of his/her gravity, using fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet to put pressure and gentle stretching, in order to unblock energy Sen lines (corresponding to the Meridians of Chinese Medicine).
The pressures are exerted to release the blocked energy of the internal organs and stretching to abate tensions and pains.
Some of the benefits of Thai Massage is improving spinal problems (especially neck and lower back), tendonitis, tennis elbow and arthritis. It is extremely effective for the stimulation of blood and lymph circulation, and activates the body’s immune system. It helps in migraines, headaches and releases emotional blockages etc.
In essence, with Thai Massage, we free ourselves from muscular and nervous tension, stress is significantly reduced, detoxification of soft tissue is achieved, and the flow of our internal energy is balanced, leading the body to self-healing.
Thai Yoga Massage, a more particular form of Thai massage, brings the focus of the practice on the meditative spirit and meta (loving kindness). The session turns into a passive yoga practice, with intention, breathing and awareness. An invitation to the receiver, to leave completely his/her weight, become receptive and observe, on a physical and emotional level, the resistances coming to surface in the privacy of deep relaxation. To coordinate the pace of his/her breath and to leave themselves, without effort, in the present moment. In this way, the practice is transformed into a sacred dance between two bodies, in a joint opening in the energy of life itself.

Her relationship with exercise and the body starts from an early age through the technique and art of classical, modern and other styles of dance. In 2012 she meets, gets fascinated and quickly deepens her practice of Hatha Yoga, next to her teacher Elena Mouratidou. She is trained as a Yoga Instructor, attending a number of yoga and bodywork seminars, to specialize in Therapeutic Yoga with Artemis Andrikaki (physiotherapist, Yoga Alliance RYT200/Therapeutic Yoga) participating in the Therapeutic Immersion of Anahata Yoga Studio. Her meeting with Thai Massage and the therapeutic touch comes in 2014, to complete in a unique way her teaching of therapeutic yoga and the restoration of the practitioner on a physical and energy level. These last years, she has been trained in Greece and Thailand by Lydia Konsta (ITM school of Chiang Mai), Andrea Baglioni (Sunshine Network, Lahu Village) and Pichest Boonthumme (Chiang Mai). Her practice in vipassana meditation, comes as a complement and insightful support of the other practices.
With the intention to continue learning and sharing the beautiful traditions that bring us closer to one another, ourselves and the presence of the Inner Healer.



1h 15'- 35 euros (40 for non-members)
2h- 45 euro (50 for non-member)
* OFFER 15th November -15th December:
5 Thai Yoga Massage (60 ') - 100 euro