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In our weekly schedule there will be classes that we call *English friendly – this means that in these classes we also offer some instructions in English along with the Greek ones.

🔸10:30-11:30 Hatha Yoga – Natassa
🔸17:00-18:00 Yoga and Mindfulness – Xenia
🔸18:30-19:30 Hatha Yoga Beginners – Magda
🔸20:00-21:00 Hatha Yoga Flow – Alexandra

🔸10:00-11:00 Rise & Shine Yoga – Magda
🔸18:30-19:30 Hatha Yoga Therapeutics – Elena
🔸19:30-20:30 Prenatal Yoga – Artemis
🔸20:00-21:00 Dynamic Hatha – Yiannis

🔸10:30-11:30 Flexibility Flow – Mirto
🔸18:30-19:30 Hatha Yoga Beginners – Artemis
🔸20:00-21:00 Intuitive Healing Practice – Elena

🔸10:00-11:00 Rise & Shine Yoga – Magda
🔸18:30-19:30 Yoga Therapy – Artemis
🔸20:00-21:00 Body Mind Flow – Nancy
🔸21:00-21:30 Pranayama and Meditation – Nancy

🔸10:30-11:30 Dynamic Flow Yoga – Stella
🔸18:00-19:00 Yogilates – Pepi
🔸19:30-20:30 Yoga Fundamentals – Alexandra
🔸20:30-21:00 Yoga Νidra & Relaxation Techniques – Alexandra

🔸19:00-20:00 Spinal Movement & Yoga Nidra – Vicky

⚡All classes are on Zoom and they are suitable for practitioners of all levels.

❗To complete your registration please do the following:
✔proceed with your payment
✔send a picture of the deposit and your contact number to [email protected] (email subject: “Online Yoga Classes”) AT LEAST 3 HOURS IN ADVANCE

❗Payment options in the right column ➡just below the cost.

⚡You will receive the links via email, as soon as you have completed your registration.

*Anahata Yoga Studio reserves the right to modify the schedule throughout the year.

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✅70€ monthly unlimited classes
✅70€ for 10 Prenatal Yoga classes
✅30€ weekly unlimited classes
✅10€ drop in

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