Dharma Yoga & Sacred Sound Weekend Immersion
Daphne Dust

We are happy to welcome to our studio our beloved Daphne!
Coming straight from Hong Kong to share with the tradition of Dharma Mittra as she experienced and practiced herself next to Sri Dharma Mittra, bringing her positive and peaceful energy!
🔘Saturday February 8th 2020 // 17:30-20:30
Heart Opening with Sacred Sound
〰Embrace love & cultivate receptiveness for all possibility in life〰
This workshop will include a special focus on backward bending poses and their compliment: forward bending poses. Back-bending poses open the chest, heart and shoulders and bring energy to all the nerves along the entire length of the spine, while forward bending poses soothe the nerves and calm the entire system. We will be exploring the flexibility and mobility of our body from throat, neck, shoulders, chest, spine, hip flexors with different backward and forward bending postures. It will complete with Yoga Nidra aka deep healing guided meditation and Tibetan singing bowls sound in order to rejuvenate and elevate the entire body, mind and being. The method follows the dharma yoga lineage.
🔘Sunday February 9th 2020 // 17:30-20:30
Dharma Yoga Maha Sadhana & Sacred Sound
〰Devotional Journey with Tibetan Sound〰
The Great Practice of Dharma Yoga a.k.a. the complete practice of Dharma Yoga. This workshop is includes Chanting, Pranayama, Asana, Yoga Nidra, Tibetan singing bowls Sound Bath and Guided Meditation. Through the practices, it will guide us to elevate the awareness of our body and mind, learn to cultivate the real love to ourselves, develop better abilities to see ourselves in others; experiencing the inner peace that resides in our heart. We will learn to accept the true you, in order to find more wisdom to manage our thoughts, emotions and senses. It will take your practice to a deeper level. An awakening journey through the body, to the mind and leading to a more peace more stable condition to face our daily life beyond yoga postures. The workshop will complete with Yoga Nidra, Sound Bath and Meditation, you will leave peaceful, rejuvenated and completely recharged.
Suitable for anyone who always find imbalance in life, hard time from resting at night, struggling in postures, stress at work or relationship and those who want to improve the postures or who are looking to take their yoga practice to a more spiritual aspect; finding its own purpose of life; willing to explore and open the heart, eager to have more courage and become more receptive in real life.
About Daphne:
Daphne is a Dharma Yoga Registered Teacher who has completed 500, 800 & 1000 hours of Life of a Yogi teacher training with Sri Dharma Mittra in New York. She based in Hong Kong and started to teach overseas since 2012. Since then, she keeps offering workshops and share yoga practice in different cities every year. Also Daphne was assigned as the first guest teacher from Asia as a representative of Dharma Yoga Hong Kong to offer classes at Dharma Yoga Conference New York in 2018 and assigned as a faculty assistant of Sri Dharma Mittra in Asia Yoga Conference in 2017 & 2019.
She began teaching after obtaining her Hot Yoga 200 hours RYT certification from Copper Crow in Singapore in 2012 and certified 200 hours of Hatha Raja Yoga and 200 hours of Hatha Yoga Self Realization with Andrei Ram in Barcelona in 2013 & 2016. Daphne also attended: RYT certification teacher training at UNIVERSAL®️YOGA with the founder Andrey Lappa in 2013 and Mindful Birth Pre & Postnatal yoga training with Dr Jean Byrne and Michelle Papa in 2015. In addition to this she is also a certified Dharma Yoga Wheel Teacher and a certified Sound Therapist of Health Angel at Master Level conducted directly by the Sound Master Hans De Back in Deft, Nederland. Besides offering varies kind of yoga classes, she also serve with Sound Bath, Sound Meditation and Sound Therapy Treatment to whoever in needs.
Owing over a decade of dedicated practice, various yoga workshops, retreats and intensive trainings around the world, Daphne has cultivated a deep understanding of different individuals’ needs. As a result she adapts her teaching to cater to the individual and their specific needs.
As a devoted disciple of Sri Dharma Mittra, she believes that everyone can benefit from yoga: physically, mentally and spiritually on its own path. Her teaching focuses on compassion to all living beings, dedication and consciousness of the mind, awareness of the body and develop strong desire for liberation. At the same time, her class is full of positive & peaceful energy, creativity and delight. She is keen and humbly to share her love for yoga with this blissful authentic wisdom to all practitioners.


Sat 08/02/2020 — 17:30 - 20:30
Sun 09/02/2020 — 17:30 - 20:30


one day->35 E (no VAT included)
two days->60 E (no VAT included)

cancellation policy

1. Payments in advance are not refundable.
2. In case of cancellation up to one month prior to the beginning of the training, the entire amount of money is refunded, except for the deposit.
3. In case of cancellation less than a month before the training, the amount of money is non-refundable.