Post Natal Yoga

These days more and more women during their pregnancy participate in Prenatal yoga classes to keep their body strong and to prepare mentally and physically for the miracle of birth. As important is the Prenatal yoga, equally important is the Postnatal yoga (yoga postpartum).
The Postnatal yoga is designed to nurture the new mothers and provide a safe environment, as it helps them to reconnect with their bodies, restore all the tissues in the previous state, before the birth and heals both the body and the mind.
The therapeutic benefits of Postnatal yoga are many:
— Restores hormonal balance
— Promotes general health, as it improves the breathing process, the blood flow and detoxifies the body
— Balances the nervous system
— It helps to reduce anxiety and postpartum depression
— Restores the tissues in the pelvic area as it strengthens the lower abdominal muscles
— Aligns the body and keeps it strong, flexible and functional

Artemis Andrikakaki (Certified Pre+PostNatal Yoga Teacher)