An excerpt from the wonderful interview of Sri Andrei Ram

Yoga involves the dissolution of the ego and greed, as the contemporary obsession with having many followers. The Yoga that I try to share with you  is the one that frees you the most. A path based on humility and focusing on the self, not on  what others think about yourself.

For me, humility is the most powerful. I do not worry about things like “why am I not like this?” or “why can’t I  be like this?” Humility leads you to not competing, to always celebrate the success of others. Humility implies a key concept in Yoga, surrender. When you surrender, the competition disappears. If there is no competition, there is no conflict, either internal or external. You do not have to defeat anyone … not even yourself. In this state, the well-being of the others is transformed into your own well-being. That’s what I find powerful.

At this level, the practice of Yoga consists in purifying, in draining obstacles such as fear, avarice, vanity … You liberate yourself from being dominated by either the negative or the positive. In Yoga, equanimity is sought. That is what I have received and what I try to convey. We could say that Yoga consists of a set of draining techniques, which instead of using the mind use the breath. Breathing links the external and the internal, the physical and the mental, the physical and the non-physical. It’s a very powerful tool. “

An interview with Sri. Andrei Ram by Marc C. Mula