The benefits of Yoga during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage of female nature and birth is the culmination of this experience. The pregnant woman learns to consciously grant her body to the fetus and to expand other aspects of herself to welcome her baby. The body is going through changes, especially the hormonal system, and the symptoms are also many and diverse.
The Prenatal yoga offers relief to all physical problems and ensure the best possible pregnancy and childbirth regardless the current state of the pregnant body. Most importantly it helps the pregnant woman to realize her needs, her possibilities and her incredible strength, as it brings her in contact with the inner strength, the essence of motherhood itself.
At the same time, Postnatal yoga can restore the body’s original state and even cure problems that may occur after the delivery, while bringing the hormones back to normal levels.
Experiencing personally this journey of pregnancy, I realized the amazing opportunity given to pregnant woman to actively participate in the creative power of the universe. I realized the greatness of the energy that exists within the female nature. All these inspired me in the first place to study Prenatal yoga and train with Sue Elkind.

Artemis Andrikaki
Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher