Family Yoga

For 3-12 years-old children and guardians Grab parents, uncles, grandparents and godparents and come exercise and relax together! Using our bodies and our imagination, we will transform ourselves through entertaining narratives and games. In this way, we will practice, control and coordinate body, breath, concentration and balance. The benefits of …read more

Toddler Yoga

For parents and 2-5 years-old children Through a lot of playing, dancing and singing, children and parents alike practice yoga postures and more in the most entertaining way. The lessons include music-motor activities and motor games suitable for the specific age group. At the end of each meeting, both children …read more

Baby Massage

For parents and 2-12 month babies (cycle of 5 classes with necessary reservation and participation in at least 4 meetings) The ancient practice of infant massage has been transformed by the International Organization of Infant Massage (IAIM) into an enjoyable group activity. During the meetings the parent is guided in …read more

Baby Yoga

For parents and 2-12 month babies During the course, exercises for the parent alternate with playful movements and massages for the infant. The exercises aimed at parents are adapted to the needs of mothers in the postpartum period, while the infant movements respond to the physical needs during the various …read more

Dharma Yoga Inspired

A practice inspired by Dharma Yoga. Dharma Yoga is a profound class based on the fifty years of practice of Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra. The class is suitable for students of all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners. As students move through the asanas, they are encouraged to experience …read more

Acro Yoga

A course that no, is not for everyone. It is only addressed to people who want to discover their acrobatic skills through teamwork and cooperation. An alternative way of strengthening that combines balance, strength and flexibility. We learn to be in total control of the body in a creative, artistic …read more

Therapeutics & Release

It is a practice that activates the physical body as a whole and at the same time frees it from nervous exhaustion and chronic pains. It aims to create a sense of physical ability in the body, but also a deeper and more subtle awareness of its structures, the relationship …read more

Hatha Yoga Flow-Somatic Recharge & Relaxation

A practice based on hatha yoga, a flow that connects one posture to the next, following the rhythm of the breath and balancing between strength and flexibility. Just where our energy body seems to meander gracefully between the asanas of the physical! This practice has a rejuvenating effect on all …read more

Relaxation Techniques

Hatha Yoga

This practice is ideal for beginners and also for every practitioner who wishes a deeper awareness of the physical and energetic body. It includes breathing exercises, basic yoga asana guided by alignment principals and the element of the flow and relaxation techniques.