Dharma Yoga Inspired – ONLINE

A practice inspired by Dharma Yoga. Dharma Yoga is a profound class based on the fifty years of practice of Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra. The class is suitable for students of all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners. As students move through the asanas, they are encouraged to experience …read more

Hatha Yoga Flow-Somatic Recharge & Relaxation – ONLINE

Therapeutics & Release – ONLINE

Relaxation Techniques – ONLINE

Pilates – ONLINE

An exercise system created in 1912 by Joseph Pilates. Through the method, the body moves, gets stronger, stretches always together with the breath. The exercises focus mainly on symmetrical posture, strengthening the core muscles and stabilizing the spine, pelvis and shoulder blades. It is addressed to all practitioners, because it …read more

Pilates anahata yoga studio

Morning Yoga – ONLINE

The morning practice of yoga helps the body to wake up, to be activated! Based upon Hatha Yoga structure, Morning Yoga is certainly the ideal way to start your day relaxed and refreshed.

Body Mind Flow – ONLINE

In the Body-Mind flow practice, drawing inspiration from the rich yogic tradition, we harmoniously “flow” from one asana to the next; and this flow exerts, strengthens and gently stretches not only the body, but also the mind. As movement, breath and focus in the present moment coalesce, yoga -as its …read more

Pranayama & Meditation – ONLINE

Physical yoga exercise opens the way to contact with our deeper, inner self. Through Pranayama techniques, we empower it, while realizing, enriching and learning to manage our vital power. Finally, with the practice of Meditation, the culmination of yoga practice, we approach our deepest self, know it, and allow it …read more

Prenatal Yoga – ONLINE

Prenatal Yoga is designed to support and assist women in this beautiful and deep journey of pregnancy. The practice strengthens the body while simultaneously relieves usual pain during pregnancy. With an emphasis on breathing, strength, flexibility and relaxation practices, we connect with the new life, creating a calm and harmonious …read more