Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional Thai Massage (Nuad bo-rarn) is an ancient therapeutic method older than 2,500 years. It has its origins in India, to arrive later in Thailand along with Buddhism. The tradition is saved there and develops to this day, integrating more and more Western science and knowledge.

Practice is performed on a special mattress on the floor with light clothing. The giver of the treatment, working through his/her center and the gravity, uses fingers, palms, elbows, knees and soles. S/he applies static and rhythmic pressures, soft stretching, tapping and rocking (which unblock the Sen energy lines, corresponding to the meridians of Chinese medicine) resulting in a practice which is considered more than massage, an extraordinary type of holistic passive exercise.

Thai Yoga Massage, a more special approach to Thai massage, brings meditative spirit and metta (loving kindness) to the center of practice. A call for the receiver to feel his breath and surrender with trust, without effort, to the present moment.

Some of the benefits are improved stance and body awareness, alleviation of musculoskeletal complaints and accumulated tension throughout the body (especially in the neck, shoulders, back and waist), joint mobilization, improvement of the respiratory capacity – better oxygenation of the body improvement of blood and lymph circulation, detoxification of soft tissues, strengthening of the nervous system, release of emotional tensions, strengthening of the immune system by activating the self-healing capacity of every organism.

Thai massage is performed by Valia Vlatsiou.






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