Sound Massage

Peter Hess’s Sound Massage is a holistic relaxation method that harmonizes the chakras.
It has been adapted to have a positive effect on western people by offering them relaxation, and helping them to maintain and increase their vital energy.

During a Sound Massage session, a slight to deep relaxation is achieved, the level of which depends on the recipients and their state of consciousness. The “tools” used during a Sound Massage session are the singing bowls, which transmit sound through the air and the human body.

The singing bowls’ roots are found in the Eastern culture and their most popular use in the western world is during meditation. In a Sound Massage session they are placed on specific parts of the recipient’s body or around it, and through the hits and vibrations that are caused, multiple processes take place inside the body.

The human body is made of 70% -80% water, through which vibrations propagate. We can imagine our body as a lake, and the hits on the singing bowls can be described as throwing a stone into the lake. As the stone comes in contact with the surface of the water, concentric ripples are created and spread over its entire surface. This is what happens during a Sound Massage session too.

The cells receive their beneficial vibrations and are given the opportunity to re-tune and return to their normal function.

Apart from the vibrations, the sound that reaches the acoustic system is also very important. It helps us concentrate and enables us to ground ourselves deep within our body, and consequently to connect with the center of our being.

Sound Massage helps us release what we no longer need, and enhances self-confidence, creativity and a harmonious relationship with ourselves.

In a Sound Massage session we need to wear comfortable clothes. People who suffer from Chron disease, heart disease, cancer, people with a pacemaker and those on mental health medication .

The Sound Massage sessions are held by Panagiota Melissourgou.






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