Pilates Reformer

Many new surprises await you at Anahata Yoga Studio this year! One of them is the brand new Pilates Reformer machine from Balanced Body® that we just received!

The Pilates Reformer, or the Pilates bed, is now the most well-known and effective instrument of the method, and that’s why we made sure it wasn’t missing from our space! Its exercises train the whole body and are performed either with body weight or with resistance, thus shaping the level of difficulty and complexity of each lesson. Due to its elaborate construction, it is addressed to all practitioners and is considered an ideal exercise because:

  • It especially strengthens the waist, neck and back
  • It is a gentle exercise for a pregnant woman, safe for an elderly person and dynamic for an athlete
  • It is recommended by orthopedists and physical therapists as the ideal way of training to prevent and treat injuries.

According to Joseph Pilates: “In the first ten lessons you feel the difference, in twenty others see it and in thirty you have a new body!”

Do you also want to try Pilates Reformer?

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