Keep your practice alive!

Keep practicing. Every day. Keep your practice alive no matter what. Practice wherever you are by taking good care of yourself. Be grateful for everything that you have and for everything that you don’t have. And surrender… sometimes the most important practice is just to surrender. And it may be …read more

Mama Africa

July 2016 arrival in Arusha, Tanzania. The darkness hides well the top of Kilimanjaro. I arrive at mama’s Liz house, her name is Adel but in Tanzania when you become a mum you “loose” your name and they call you mama + the name of your firstborn. Mama’s Liz house …read more

Thoughts on a healthy diet

On my way home yesterday, I was thinking about eating with awareness. There is a store across the street that is selling frozen turkey’s necks! Seeing that made me think about all these years that I was eating without any awareness, I was never thinking that the steak that I …read more

Open House Day // Video