Post Natal Yoga

These days more and more women during their pregnancy participate in Prenatal yoga classes to keep their body strong and to prepare mentally and physically for the miracle of birth. As important is the Prenatal yoga, equally important is the Postnatal yoga (yoga postpartum). The Postnatal yoga is designed to …read more

The six daily’s

The six daily’s: A Practical Guide by Julieanna Hever, Registered Dietitian ADA (American Dietitian Association) for adoption of habits that promote a healthy lifestyle through the plate and exercise while reducing risk of chronic diseases. According to this easy plan recommended, that includes daily at least 6 of these triplets: …read more

Healthy diet for cold days

The selection of foods during these cold days is very important. Make an effort to pick the food that will keep your immune system #vibrant and healthy. 1. Eat a good amount of soups, nuts and grains Basmati rice and Oatmeal are the best and very tasteful. 2. Use healthy …read more

Yoga Sequence for cold days

•• suitable for students that have some kind of experience with the yoga practice 1. Kapalabhati (x3) with Locks if you are familiar with the Bandhas 2. Lion’s Breath (x6) 3. Alternate Nostril Breathing (10 rounds minimum) 4. Sun Salutations (x6) 5. Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa: you can choose your variety …read more

Meditation: The practice of the present moment

It was one of those days that everything seem heavy. Looking, in vain, for some kind of color and shine in the eyes. An endless gray was plunging me into a vivid black. And I was following without resisting. My yoga mat that was next to me was calling me. …read more

Poinsetia on Christmas and beyond

Poinsetia is also known as “star of Bethlehem” and its scientific name is Euphorbia pulcherrima (euphorbia the super-elegant). It is indigenous to Mexico, where Aztecs used it to produce red dye and as an antipyretic medication. However, it was ascribed with toxic and allergic actions. In many countries, Greece included, …read more

Traveling in Asia and the idea of no-fear…

4 months, 3 countries, 2 people and one decision. The decision that it’s time for this journey we have been talking about for so long, both as if we were planning it and as if we were wishing it comes true at the same time. The decision that comes hand …read more

The truth about Tantra

The concepts of “Tantra” and “Tantra Yoga” are very popular in our days, even among people who don’t deal with Yoga. However, only a few know that Tantra is not actually a single tradition, but a multitude of nondualist philosophical branches, schools and teachings, which arose more that fifteen hundred …read more

Buckwheat – the miracle food!

I am the child of buckwheat! This is what anybody who was born and raised in Russia could say. What has been discovered recently as the super food , was the food of the poor and during the difficult period of time as were the late 80s and early 90s …read more

The benefits of Yoga during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful stage of female nature and birth is the culmination of this experience. The pregnant woman learns to consciously grant her body to the fetus and to expand other aspects of herself to welcome her baby. The body is going through changes, especially the hormonal system, and …read more