Real Awakenings are Not Elegant—they are Messy, Ugly, Shattered & Raw

I want to have an awakening like they do in the movies. You know, where the protagonist experiences their quantum shift with elegance and grace, leading us, the audience, into a wonderful montage (complete with awesome music) of all the ways their life will now improve. They get an amazing …read more

Ο διατροφικός θησαυρός που λέγεται .. Ρεβίθι!

Τα ρεβίθια συγκαταλέγονται στην οικογένεια των οσπρίων και είναι ένα από τα παλαιότερα όσπρια που καλλιεργούνται από τον άνθρωπο. Από την Αρχαία Ελλάδα μέχρι την Αίγυπτο τα ρεβίθια, τα κουκιά και οι φακές θεωρούνταν βασικές τροφές της εποχής. Κι όχι άδικα! Τα ρεβίθια είναι μια πλούσια πηγή πρωτεϊνών, υδατανθράκων, φυτικών …read more

Give Yourself Time

Why We Must Heal Ourselves First—Before We Become Healers, Teachers or Mentors. There are many times when I’ve walked out of a one on one session to overcome my mental and emotional pain and I would feel deep frustration in my body, and the person sitting in front of me. …read more

Rudraksha – The tear drops of Shiva

A rather peculiar nut in a cotton string, bearing around the neck of a yogi, caught my attention. As soon as I informed that it is called rudraksha, the investigation was started. Rudraksha (or rudraksh) is the colloquial name of the species Elaeocarpus ganitrus, a large, evergreen, broad-leaved tree, but …read more

Fireflies or lightning bugs

A few days ago we visited Zagorohoria mountainous area (Ioannina, Epirus) for a three-day rejuvenation organized by Anahata Yoga Studio. The very first night we had a very pleasant surprise, the company of fireflies dancing in the dark! Memories rooted back to my childhood summers at the mountain villages of …read more

An excerpt from the wonderful interview of Sri Andrei Ram

Yoga involves the dissolution of the ego and greed, as the contemporary obsession with having many followers. The Yoga that I try to share with you  is the one that frees you the most. A path based on humility and focusing on the self, not on  what others think about …read more

Yoga and Motherhood

Yoga and Motherhood: 8 ways to make time for you and your mat “I want to do yoga, but I have no free time”. This is a common complaint of mothers who want to fit yoga (or any other activity) into their life but don’t seem to manage. Motherhood is …read more

Post Natal Yoga

These days more and more women during their pregnancy participate in Prenatal yoga classes to keep their body strong and to prepare mentally and physically for the miracle of birth. As important is the Prenatal yoga, equally important is the Postnatal yoga (yoga postpartum). The Postnatal yoga is designed to …read more

The six daily’s

The six daily’s: A Practical Guide by Julieanna Hever, Registered Dietitian ADA (American Dietitian Association) for adoption of habits that promote a healthy lifestyle through the plate and exercise while reducing risk of chronic diseases. According to this easy plan recommended, that includes daily at least 6 of these triplets: …read more

Healthy diet for cold days

The selection of foods during these cold days is very important. Make an effort to pick the food that will keep your immune system #vibrant and healthy. 1. Eat a good amount of soups, nuts and grains Basmati rice and Oatmeal are the best and very tasteful. 2. Use healthy …read more